About Mel Ushikubo’s Music

Mel just loves music way too much. She loves listening to music all the time, dancing to music at live houses, concerts and festivals, and making music as often as possible. She is always looking for more opportunities to learn about music and how it is a part of our lives.

When she was turning 30 she realized that sitting at a desk was slowly killing her and she had to finally take a leap of faith towards a new music career. She decided to move to Japan to pursue her dreams of being a visual key rock star.

The musical journey of nearly 15 years has taken her music to all sorts of different places and you can find many influences in her songs and performances. As a youth she thrived on emotional music by Peter Gabriel, while also delighting in popular music by Cyndi Lauper and Prince since she was a jazz and tap dancer. Her sister introduced her to alternative music such as Nina Hagen, and her parents listened to Elvis, country, jazz and even blue grass. If a song evokes strong feelings, Mel will love it. If it’s an amazing song, she will try it on for size in her own performances.

Her own works have elements of many genres, weaving the sounds that suit the story of the song. She is foremost a story teller and wants to convey feelings and thoughts to her audiences. Although she sang rock, progressive rock and even some heavy metal, her sound is decidedly more mellow these day, often working with acoustic guitar and light production.

Her songs may comfort you, transport you, amuse you or even sometimes disturb and challenge you. She enjoys a good bit of satire, sarcasm and cheekiness, such as artists like Lily Allen do. Fun is a vital part of her every performance, especially with her spontaneous MC.

Mel has fronted full rock/progressive rock bands on live house stages, performed at Jazz festivals such as the Akita Lavender festival, all the way down to solo performances in local watering holes. She loves it all.

Mel is currently working as a lounge singer, covering many familiar easy listening hits by artists such as Norah Jones, The Eagles, and more to create a lovely ambiance for her audiences to relax and enjoy their evening or event. She is also recording her first full length concept album with producer Richard Loffman, which tells a classic story with good guys, bad guys and the evolution of a hero. Recently, she expanded her cover repertoire to include several old time country songs in honour of her North American roots.

Mel will to continue to explore the meaning of music in her life and as a part of our human culture and she hopes you will join her.

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