New Song Release

Happy Halloween everybody!

I have an exciting announcement. After all these years of singing and being a musician, I have finally embarked on the journey of releasing my own solo project.

I am so pleased to celebrate Halloween by presenting you the first Chapter of The Hero Trip. A huge thank you to Rich Loffman, producer extraordinaire of One Studio Yokohama.

The Hero Trip is a series of sci-fi/horror songs that tell the story of a seemingly normal person becoming a Hero. I hope you will enjoy it although it will be deliciously dark.

Chapter 1 – Don’t take my wife

The journey from person to invisible isn’t as far as you’d like to think

Our Hero James was a normal guy
Couldn’t love his wife more if he tried
Bad guys broke into his house
Ran away with his spouse
Leaving James on the floor to die

He’d barely survived a good knock on the head
And after he rose from the nearly dead
Searching for her, he used all that he had
Soon his condition was really quite bad
From painkillers to alcohol to asphalt for a bed

If you listen closely, the desperate song in his head…

…goes like this.