Sing In English!

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In 2021 I am officially launching my Professional English Coaching Service.

Who is this service for?

Singers of any level, from hobbyist to professional, who want to sing English lyrics and sound great!

Or, people who have studied English, but find it difficult to pronounce English well.

Please email or comment for further information.


毎週:5,000円/レッスン (50分 4回)5週休み (Weekly lessons)

毎月:18,000円/レッスン (50分 4回) 5週休み (Monthly)

ロケーションレッスン: 8,000円 (相談下さい)(Lessons on location)

カラオケスペシャル!30分 3,000円!趣味の方もどうぞ!Karaoke Special!



Choir rates available. Please contact me to discuss.


6,000円/1時間 + 輸送費 (相談下さい)Studio recording consultation.