Mel Ushikubo


Mel Ushikubo, Canadian singer/songwriter living in Japan, sings with all her heart. With ten years of vocal training, Speech Level Singing and Per Bristow Method she has excellent range and technique. Her voice ranges from soft and sweet with long notes and gentle vibrato to powerful and dynamic rock styles. Her Jazz influences are many, including Norah Jones, Ella Fitzgerald and Whitney Houston. Her rock influences include Alanis Morrisette, Pat Benetar and Heart. Mel also has vibrant and exciting performance skills which amaze audiences. Currently Mel is lead singer of Mel&Hiroshi, Acoustic Jazz Unit and Early Cross, a Progressive Rock band. She performs all over Tokyo and Japan. She is also available for studio recordings, in almost any genre, and various live stage performances, as well as lyric writing and song translation. She especially loves Christmas music. Mel has a professional attitude and is easy to work with. Available for bookings now.

Mel&Hiroshi Jazz Live, July 2017

EARLY CROSS Progressive Live, July 2016


1982 – 1991
musical theater, character and chorus member.
1 year intensive Musical Theater Production course
2006 – 2007
Speech Level Singing vocal studies, Vancouver, Canada
2007 Vancouver Anime Convention singing competition, 2nd Place
2007 – 2008
Speech Level Singing vocal studies, Shibuya, Japan
Lead vocals, G.O.F., Rock Band
2008 – 2012
Tokyo Entertainment Industry as model, actor and voice narrator.
Lead vocals/composer/songwriter, Duel, Synthetic Pop Unit.
2009 2 CDs released.
2009 -2016 Lead vocals/guitar/composer/songwriter, LOON, Canadian Showcase Band
2014 – 2016 Lead vocals/guitar/songwriter, Stolen., Original Rock Band
2009 – present
Per Bristow Method (Sing with Freedom) vocal studies, Tokyo, Japan
Lead Vocals, Mel&Hiroshi, Acoustic Jazz and Pop Unit
2014 Single released on Compilation CD
Lead Vocals, Early Cross, Original landscape rock, Tokyo, Japan
2015 Single
2016 Single