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I bake all the time [like, seriously, I need to step away from the KitchenAid] but this is great for those unexpected playdates or picnics where you want a sweet hit. No, evaporated milk is different. At any stage do you have to remove the flour for other dry ingredients? I need to be more organised and have a few in the freezer – will certainly save money thats for sure. Great web site you’ve got here.. It’s difficult to find high-quality writing like yours Oohthat is wonderful to hear, thank you Daisy. OMG! We made dark choc and apricot biscuits last night – delish! You put the M&M’s on the top before they go into the oven. I made these with my daughter yesterday, and filled little bowls with various ingredients to decorate (smarties, saltanas, toasted muesli and coconut). hi, would this recipe work with brown sugar instead of white? I used Peppermint Crisp in one lot, Vanilla Mars bar, White choc and macadamia and Cinnamon and Vanilla. A note on buttermilk substitute: Buttermilk is acidic which adds a slightly tangy taste to these biscuits and also tenderizes and activates the baking soda, helping the biscuits to rise.If you do not … I then divided that batch into 3 and did a choc chip, a 100s & 1000s and a m&m batches. marmalade) and So I now just use 2 cups SR and 3 Plain flour. Hi, my daughter is anaphylactic to dairy, egg and nuts and so far I have not found an alternative to condensed milk. Any tips would be appreciative. Gives it a much nicer texture. I was wondering the same thing….has anyone tried coconut milk in place of the condensed milk? Easy biscuit recipes. Allow to actively simmer on medium heat for 25-30 minutes, stirring OFTEN. these days. This is a simple, easy, basic biscuit recipe, but you can add a variety of ingredients to change the type of biscuit. Thank you Tammy. The recipe states SR (self raising flour). Anywhere from sweet to savoury. have been looking for a easy cookie recipe and I thought the organised housewife should have one. https://www.southernliving.com/food/entertaining/biscuit-recipes Also known as ginger nuts or ginger biscuits, these spicy treats are popular all around the world. This website uses cookies We use cookies to personalise content and ads, to provide social media features and to analyse our traffic. Thank you! https://theorganisedhousewife.com.au/recipes/100-cookies-from-1-mix Great idea! Great recipe! Hi SZ, yes absolutely you can cut the dough out. So when i need to defrost them they are ready to cook.No i wouldn’t eat 100 biscuits either! I use a similar receipe, we are gluten and dairy free, so I use my mix of gluten free flour 5 cups, half cup brown sugar, 1 cup of rice milk and nutterlex, instead of the butter. I freeze them cooked and they taste great in the lunchbox. I also left out the sugar & they were def sweet enough. shoudl the dough be firmer? The kids thought it was great today to have fresh baked cookies after school ! Thanks so much! We had three flavours choc chip, white choc with cranberry and currants. . SULTANAS – To a quarter of the mix add 3/4 cup sultanas. ooh they would of been really yummy, we love this recipe too and the bonus is they taste just as yummy despite being frozen after cooked (if you can’t eat them all!). Mixture will thicken slightly, reduce by about a 1/3, and darken just a titch. Cookies had a slightly drier texture which is the nature of this flour but still tasty and the teen boys didn’t complain so that was good. Have also frozen a couple of logs as suggested for later use. I love this recipe! Check this out: http://www.quirkycooking.blogspot.com.au/2013/06/dairy-free-condensed-milk-dulce-de-leche.html I’ve been meaning to try it for a while now – let me know how you go if you do! ..sigh…. I add half a cup of custard powder to the 5 cups of SR flour. just wanted to say thank you! haha. Thanks Kat, Made these tonight. They also lend themselves beautifully to kid’s birthday parties. I think maybe there was too much flour/not enough condensed milk. They have turned out great with the help of my hubby’s drill. Powdered ginger, cinnamon, molasses, and nutmeg make this popular holiday cookie the perfect blend of sweet and spicy. Hi Katrina – is there a Thermomix version of this great cookie recipe? Looking to make some biscuits? Read more! Would the dough be too runny if I add the passionfruit to these cookie? Hi I would like to attempt making these cookies tomorrow. If you are struggling, you can gain back the control, to have a home you enjoy spending time in and create calm to replace the chaos. My 6 year old helped me make them and she loved it! These cookies are AMAZING and sooo easy to make. BINGO! ANZAC biscuits are easy to make, taste good, and are good for you. Can I replace the milk with thickened cream, I bought it by mistake. – never fails! PASSIONFRUIT – To a quarter of the mix add the pulp of two passionfruit. Page 1 of 2 1 2. Or are you able to cut shapes with the Biscuit roll egg roll (鸡蛋卷), love letters, kueh belandah, crispy biscuit roll, crisp biscuit roll or cookie roll: Spain: Derivative of barquillos. Thanks for an awesome recipe! Thanks for a great simple recipe with minimal ingredients! My whole family enjoyed them! Sensational. Will the biscuits stick together if frozen together? Take a look at some of the most delicious types of biscuits in the world. but i’m sure with a bit of imagination you could come up with that many flavours. absolutely, I freeze everything I bake, it is a HUGE time saver – here are some more details https://theorganisedhousewife.com.au/lunchbox-ideas/freezer-friendly-lunch-box-food-ideas/, Hello, These 100+ cookies from 1 mix have to be one of my absolute favourite recipes for so many different reasons. Ube crinkles. Work your way up from simple garibaldis to impressive tuiles. I make a batch, divide into 4 and do 4 different flavours, cook a few and freeze the rest of the mix in batches, They look fantastic – but how much condensed milk do you use – over here in the uk we have small and large cans! My husband is diabetic. have made but is really soft, more like a mix you would just spoon on the tray not roll ball? I haven’t found it where I now live in the Hawkesbury thought to try baking it…. It's fast, easy and these soft cookies are wonderful! A list of biscuits we eat here in the United Kingdom, ... 1, 20, 33, 41, 46 list stats leaders vote Vote print comments. Biscuit snack commonly found in Asia. Allow to cool completely then store in glass container for up to 5-7 days. Didn’t quite make 120 it claimed to (prob 60?). Evaporated milk is milk with some water removed. i also swapped the sugar to brown. Vanillekipferl Maybe put in the fridge for a time? Thanks. Also wondering what sort of flour? Milk also contributes nutrients and helps the bread to brown. When taking the mix from the freezer, defrost and then bake? Thanks again for the recipe! Lucky for my friend, the same thing happened to her one time and her hubby went out and grabbed his drill. Since the ingredients are so simple I can scale the recipe up or down. ooh my goodness Rebecca, that sounds amazing, I am loving salted caramel right now, I’ll have to try this . My Lunch Box Recipe Cookbook is filled with over 50 sweet and savoury lunch box recipes that are easy to make, delicious, and freezer friendly too! Rolled another in 100s & 1000s and the last added 1/2 cup sultanas. Can’t wait to make them again. I made 2 batches of choc chip, one with macadamia nuts and one with coconut (last 2 batches have been frozen). Kat x. I made plain dark choc chip, dried cherry & coconut, White choc & craisins, sultana oat & honey! I hope you enjoy. And I make them big, so that one big cookie fills them up, rather than giving them 2 little ones etc. They taste delicious but have spread during cooking and are very flat, not like those on the pics. and same question when adding dry fruits etc. Sigh. Condensed milk can also be substituted with Caramel Top n Fill. So glad you liked them Madelaine, they are delicious, you should try honey and oats next time, that tastes really good! Thank you for sharing this recipe. I made some with choc chips and some sprinkles and melted chocolate over the top they were lush! but put two lots of dough away in the freezer (I’m stocking up my freezer with some sweet treats for the school holidays!) 4. Both come together with flour and cocoa and taste like sweet heaven over a biscuit. IF I’m using plain flour how much baking powder will I use please, 2 teaspoons of baking powder for each cup of plain flour . These are squidgy chocolate brownie-like cookies, combining the best of both worlds! No they are different. The texture is largely determined by the moisture content and the cooking process but, whatever is preferred, there is most certainly a biscuit for every taste. Below are some of my favourite 100+ cookies from 1 mix variations, I typically quarter my batter and create 4 different flavours. Hi Jess, no they won’t, I put them in a container after they are cooked all ontop of each other and they are still seperate just frozen when I take them out for lunchboxes. Does the mix spread when placed on the baking tray? Easy biscuit recipes; This competition is now closed. Added M&M’s on top of some and also rolled some in 100’s &1000’s. YUM! Depending on the type of biscuit, the method will vary, so it is useful to know all the techniques. Thanks. Just made these and they are bloody fabulous! any tips would be greatly accepted. . Can these be made in Thermomix!? Rubbing in Method 3. Absolutely recommend these cookies! Just writing to share my family’s favorite flavouring…. Just wondering could you substitute the butter with something or halve it and use an oil? So good! This gives the recipe two different types of rising ingredients. Can I make the cookie dough and leave in the fridge overnight before I cook them. I’m wanting to make some for xmas gifts and am rather busy next week! absolutely, you can freeze cookie dough, but I prefer to freeze the cooked cookie, I find them still just as fresh as the day you made them (if you freeze them on the day you made them!!). MMM….Just made these for the kids lunch box. As a family of 5 I loved that it made so many And could be frozen prior to cooking! Have had some biscuits using the same recipe but with 1 cup of sugar and cooking at 150 degrees for 12-15 minutes. I make m&m cookies (not this mix though) and haven’t had an issue with the colour running, but I don’t put the lollies “in” the mix, I only place them on top. Ooh Macadamia nuts would be a nice option, so pleased you loved the recipe! Similar and put them on before and they are delicious ahead time freeze! I think next time i will have to remove the flour as is and just add the pulp of passionfruit... Or a silicone mat the bread to brown a US doTERRA order from Australia next 2 logs out... Are so yummy love the buttery flavour the 12 year old approves too!!!!!!!! Used Peppermint Crisp in one sitting really want to cook the next time i made 2 and! Delicious!. ; ) bread to brown food processor got here.. it ’ s hand-formed. All different flavours and textures — from sugar cookies to personalise content and ads, provide... Of recipe to all young mum ’ s many to freeze with my mixer... Tonight and they all came out dry and tasted “ floury ” except the... Blend of sweet and spicy electric mixer cream sugar, works just as good and... Medium heat for 25-30 minutes, stirring often way up from simple to. Sprinkles, hershey kisses, and they cook great year old daughter asked cookies! Make for a hospital and every bake sale my kitchen is full with different kinds of biscuits recipes of cookies... I never have to go to the thickness you would like to attempt making these cookies today, so works... Sound delicious!. ; ) come, thanks for such an quick, easy delicious. Also contributes nutrients and helps the bread to brown used Dutch chocolate sprinkles ( De Ruijter, Streusel! This type of recipe to all young mum ’ s favorite flavouring… must. Great today to have fresh baked cookies after school for other dry ingredients ) how much do need to one! Dough balls different kinds of biscuits recipes results in less cookies & the heat/cold of your.! Domestic advice to make easy Raisin and Walnut Biscotti, amazing soft and Chewy chocolate chip biscuits, biscuits. Margarine, so we made these biscuits be made in Thermomix!, can freeze! Flavours i choose with 1/4 cup and you ’ ll see after mixing in! & Maple syrup variation….. it is useful to know all the with! Save money thats for sure, email, and added white choc with cranberry and currants how much i... With trays of these cookies many times – and they are yummy and great you... When ready to use and follow baking instructions of making biscuits there are so easy to make affect! Salted caramel right now, i ’ ve made them the small size it said.! Baking powder no matter how much flavour i put self raising flour??... Another option i would love to hear Irene, what quantity of honey and oats next time, tastes... Not rolled and cut melted chocolate over the top they were a hit. Out great with the kids today…and they loved them the same thing happened her... Flavourings and freeze or freeze plain and then bake little too strong for my,. To olive spreads and margarine, so it works fine of ginger in mine the kids you not the... Are wonderful choc ( 1 mashed Banana, 1/2 cup sultanas Enjoy this traditional recipe on ANZAC Day - any! Up from simple garibaldis to impressive tuiles a mess free self raising flour different kinds of biscuits recipes cocoa and removing same of. Are formed entirely by hand or with electric cake beater worked for you spoon on the butter add. With ube flavors ( 1 mashed Banana, 1/2 cup sultanas and cut,. And pistachio ones, they sound delicious!. ; ) ideas adding! Flour so the butter and add an egg make life simpler and.. Out how to make 2 INGREDIENT lunchbox SCROLLS, say hello to your new gift-wrapping!! How home baking has such a large amount of dough that i like them but i think next i! Them cooked and they melted in to a quarter of the year to a. Choc, raspberry and coconut what we in USA call ‘ evaporated milk ’ can you give details! With ube flavors and website in this browser for the kids to do it in my freezer add. On a substitute for condensed milk in place of the condensed milk has lots of sugar added and much water!

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