Poem: Relation


Yesterday I asked you for a Rose
And you brought me a Rose
And I refused to accept it.

Today I asked you for a Rose again
And you brought me a Rose again
And I refused to accept it again.

Tomorrow I will ask you for a Rose
And you will bring me a Rose
And I will refuse to accept it.

You cannot win
And I don’t know why.
But that is how we are
And there are plenty of Roses left.


A tribute to the small forest in Shimomaruko, Japan


A memory of leaves

They tore them out,
From root to tip.
They tore out the shade and the birdsong
They tore out the acorns that children gathered
They tore out the things that really mattered.

But I’ll remember them,
From root to tip.
The shade and the sweet birdsong
The acorns that filled her pockets in the fall
The things that really mattered after all.

And now the bricks,
The stone and walls.
A home for some, but not for all
Not the birds and bugs and little things alone,
But I do hope those living there have a happy home.
Because they do not know what was before they tore them out.
From root to tip.
But I will always have these memories of leaves, for them.


Mel Ushikubo

New Videos posted!

Good morning on this fine, sunny Saturday in Tokyo.

New LOON videos up on YouTube. Please Enjoy!

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Love, love, love some comments everyone.

Have a great day.


Poem: I can rest

I can rest

I used to get angry,
But now I understand.
You are not a woman,
You are a man.

I used to talk all day,
But now I understand.
You are not a woman,
You are a man.

I used to want to change you,
But now I understand.
You are not a woman,
You are a man.

And you are my man.
A beautiful man.
A strong man.
Holding my heart in your hand,
I can rest.

Poem (2012-09-27)

I feel the world’s busyness around me.
When I have nothing to do
I wonder what is wrong with me
Or is there something wrong with you?

I know I want to move slower,
But I keep getting caught up
And I wonder when I will be free.
Or maybe I’m already free and never knew.

Do I want to be saved?
Do I want to be the warrior?
Better to lay down and sleep,
Or take up arms and kill you.

No answer came.


World Music Festival in Ota-ku!

World Music Festival
will be held!

June 17
Place:Community room and Exhibition Hall at Ikegami Kaikan

Concert: 13:00~17:00(Fee: free of charge)

Performances of intercultural music on stage:

・Samul nori (Traditional Korean music)
・Chinese songs and dances
・Indonesian songs and dances
・Japanese folk songs
・Canadian music
・Flamenco, etc.

Reception: 17:00~19:00
Cultural exchange party
(fee: 2,000 yen) includes international cuisine.

Special guest: Ms. Kateryna (will play the bandura, a Ukrainian folk instrument)
Kateryna is from Pripyat in North Ukraine. She plays bandura, a Ukrainian folk instrument, and sings various songs such as Ukrainian folk, classic, jazz and Japanese songs.

Prior application is required for attendance to the reception (first 100 applicants only).

Please go to http://www.city.ota.tokyo.jp/event/event_bunka/musicfestival.html for information and to download the flyer and application. (Japanese only)  

World Music Festival Flyer

Loon Lyrics Sheet

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