It’s Christmas, all over…again

Well, here we are in the week leading up to Christmas. It’s been a heck of a weird and challenging year. I didn’t get to have an official Christmas concert this year, so here is the one from 2018. We did a full live recording of the event. If you haven’t heard it yet, here are some links for you.

You can listen to it here on Apple Itunes:

Or on Amazon:

I hope that you will all have a lovely, calm and safe holiday this year!

Artist Credit: Chihana Ushikubo
Katsuyoshi Yamaguchi (Reed Organ), Ryou Kubota (Cello), Mel Ushikubo (Vocals)

Poetry 12.9.2020

The Business of Love

My war torn heart is closed for business,
I only know how to need you,
And how to make you need me too.
So I go around and around,
Looking for my perfect person,
And it’s never you,
Cause it can’t be true.

For if it were true,
I’d have to admit the war is over,
That I lost, and there’s no more battles.
I’d have to do the one thing
That I swore I’d never do.
I’d have to open up shop,
And surrender to love.

Upcoming shows

On November 23rd I’ll be singing Classical at the Kamata International Artist event, between 1:30 and 3:30 pm. Exact time coming soon.

On November 25th, I’ll be singing 4 sets of Jazz Standards and pop with the amazing Daisuke Kuroda at Xex Nihombashi from 7 to 11 pm.

Cafe Christmas live on December 7th. Details to be announced soon.

Thank you!


Cross Club Live CD release

I had the honour of performing with the amazing pianist, composer Katsutoshi Yamaguchi and talented cellist Ryo Kubota last year. We captured the event and now we are releasing a new CD! It’s a little early for Christmas music, but I hope you will enjoy it.

You can listen to it here on Apple Itunes:

Or on Amazon:



Coming soon Mel&Hiroshi Cafe Live

We are confirming dates for a May or June afternoon of live Jazz and easy listening while enjoying coffee, tea and all you can eat baked goods! I’ll let you know as soon as the date is decided.

5月または6月の午後のライブジャズの日程を確認します!コーヒー、紅茶、そして食べ放題手つくりおやつを食べながら音楽聞きます。 日付が決まり次第お知らせします。


PERFORMANCE WORKSHOP with PER BRISTOW – creator of the world’s most popular voice/performance training used by singers in 132 countries.




In this fun and intimate workshop participants will be able to perform on stage and you’ll learn powerful strategies how to:

— Fix a voice problem, make your voice more powerful, get more range, dynamics, and more!

— Become even more expressive, charismatic, attractive, confident, free and alive on stage!

— Turn performance anxieties into standing ovations and become even more successful as a performer!

Go to the website for more info and to register

EARLY CROSS Christmas Special EP December’s Cross: Donner








EARLY CROSS Special Christmas EP “December’s Cross: Donner”
December 16 Available!!

– To purchase –

■ Bandcamp –…/decembers-cross-donner-sp…
■ (Japanese) – (FLAC Download)
– – – – – – – – – –

今年もEARLY CROSSのクリスマス音源が配信されました!!

収録曲は”Wexford Carol”
静かで大陸的なEARLY CROSSのアコースティックアレンジ、お楽しみ下さい。

下記のBandcamp、Official Web Storeの2つのページからダウンロードできます。


ここでの売り上げは、次作への制作費に充てられ、EARLY CROSSの新しい楽曲・音楽として形になり、皆さんにお返しいたします。

一方Official StoreのページはファイルはFLACのみとなっておりますのでご注意下さい。

■ Bandcamp –…/decembers-cross-donner-sp…
■ Official Web Store [BASE] (Japanese/日本語) –

Mel&Hiroshi Summer Yukata Special Live July 2017 Video

Hi Everyone,

This summer my parents were visiting Japan and I had the immense pleasure of having them as special guests at my Jazz Live. I will never forget it.

Here is a little bit of that show.