Forgotten Poems

I stumbled across poems I wrote many moons ago and submitted to some poetry website. 


The deep and turbulant seas, 

That rise and then receed, 

Subject to individual mind, 

As to their inner meaning 

\With brilliant creshendo, 

And sucking undertow, 

Dragging, pushing, influence, 

Fast and low, high and slow. 

\In shrouded sunless flow, 

Where secret knowledge grows, 

A piece of understanding found, 

Two separate meanings show. 

\So, unending waters navigate, 

To chart the messages of fate. 

For in each a contribution, 

To the the oceans light complete.

Closer to the sky

You and I, 

Should learn to fly. 

\This world unreal, 

A land of steel. 

With hearts of stone, 

All alone, 

Distracted day, 

Dreams delay, 

One day to die, 

Whispering why. 

\So, you and I, 

Should learn to fly, 

Closer to the sky.


With a warm mind, 

And a cold, cold heart, 

I walk this land. 

\I see the sky, 

And the life below, 

Like many grains of sand. 

\My soul dispersed, 

And held away, 

Forever banned. 

\Through passing hours, 

And years of change, 

I will myself to stand.
Funny how poems are friends one never truly forgets. Reading them a couple of times and they become familiar once again. 

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