Even following the rules, shit happens

*please note that this is written under the influence of pain meds.*

Well, I ride my bike in Tokyo a lot. Sometimes hours a day. I follow the road rules as much as I can and I keep my eye on all the other vehicles and pedestrians so I can travel safely. I watch people do annoying things all the time. I always make sure to steer clear. 

Today I am biking along the left side, as cars do, and there is an older lady riding towards Me, the opposite direction in the middle, slightly left side, of the road. I get over as far as I can to the left to give her space. Then about a meter away she suddenly vears to her right to collide with my bike head on! I only managed to yell “Why!!!!” in Japanese before she slams into us. Her heavier bike stops short and my bike jolts and falls to the ground. 

Firstly I look back at my daughter who is safely strapped in. She says, I’m ok, I’m ok, right away without Me even asking. Some neighborly people come over and haul my bike up. Once I get up, I realize my knee ain’t quite right. It doesn’t feel particularly broken, cause I know how that feels, but it’s looking a funny shape and basically said, nope, I ain’t moving. 

That’s how I got a trip in an ambulance. A few X-rays later and I’m out again with some nifty painkillers. Not broken. Thank God. 

I’ll never know why that woman swerved to hit us. It was a mistake. I do hope she’ll be more careful in the future and perhaps consider riding on the correct side of the road. She was kind of an odd duck. The cops agreed that she was a strange person. I prefer to have nothing more to do with her.

Anyway, I get to hobble around in pain for a while. Dr. said I can use it normally. 

So sometimes even when we try to do everything right, shit happens. 

And then I get to put my feet up for the rest of the day and get served and have an excuse to be whiny. Works for Me!!! 

Pretty much as long as my daughter was safe, I was relieved. 

Take care out there! Which only works to a point….the point where shit happens. Then it’s a matter of riding it out. Excuse the pun. 


2 thoughts on “Even following the rules, shit happens

  1. Sorry about your painful knee Mel and I hope it’s on the mend! Glad too that your daughter wasn’t hurt. But I have to say this made me laugh! The way you shouted out to the strange old duck: “why?” Not “Nooooooo!” not “Arrrrrgh!” not “looooooook ooooouuuuut!” Not even a swearword! But WHY? That just epitomises your questing spirit Mel!

    1. Hahahahaha. I know. It was so funny for Me too. I just couldn’t believe what I was seeing. I’m not sure if I was asking her, or asking The Divine!

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