Ever done a lot of work on something and the result was completely different than you expected?

I’ve been shifting my paradigm about Abundance and I thought the whole time I was talking about money.

The more I do, the more the relationships in my life are changing. And I mean drastically. My relationships look like the crumbs in the bottom of my purse with all the other stuff swimming around in the abyss.

I’m pretty surprised. It’s a big, big mess.

I’m assuming that this means it will be put back together in a whole new, and Abundant way.

And perhaps, out of that my financial abundance will also spring.



2 thoughts on “Abundance….

  1. Hey Mel,
    You are absolutely right, money is part of the abundance, and abundance grows when your awareness about abundance grows….notice th abundance around you in th world…….like grass, flowers, trees, stars birds……waves in the sea, drops in a lake – river, the glass you drink from, shower….. the Universe is naturally abundant,…. think of what you have……the money that you have, how you can use it…..focus on what is…..it grows….

    And as one shifts the relationships readjust…… 🙂 who said growth is easy? it is fun though 🙂

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