A tribute to the small forest in Shimomaruko, Japan


A memory of leaves

They tore them out,
From root to tip.
They tore out the shade and the birdsong
They tore out the acorns that children gathered
They tore out the things that really mattered.

But I’ll remember them,
From root to tip.
The shade and the sweet birdsong
The acorns that filled her pockets in the fall
The things that really mattered after all.

And now the bricks,
The stone and walls.
A home for some, but not for all
Not the birds and bugs and little things alone,
But I do hope those living there have a happy home.
Because they do not know what was before they tore them out.
From root to tip.
But I will always have these memories of leaves, for them.


Mel Ushikubo

4 thoughts on “A tribute to the small forest in Shimomaruko, Japan

    1. Thank you Nina! I had to write that poem because every time I passed that spot on my way to my daughters school I started to cry. My heart couldn’t take it.

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